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PeriBuddy    Health & Fitness

PeriBuddy is the most powerful app developed for managing Peritoneal Dialysis.

PeriBuddy - The Most Powerful App Developed for Managing Peritoneal Dialysis

Imagine an app that can help you track, monitor and allow access to your peritoneal dialysis treatment in your palms.

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NOTE: You need a valid email address to register so you can add your PD records and share it with your caregivers and doctors to monitor and analysis.

=== Sections in the App ===
*Records* - Peritoneal Dialysis Records or PD Records. Add, Edit or Delete your PD Records. Swipe RIGHT to EDIT and Swipe LEFT to DELETE.

The following information are captured for each PD Record:

- Date
- Start and End Time
- Initial Drain in mL
- UL in mL
- Average Time and Loss Dwell Time
- Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic)
- Current Weight and Target Weight

*Inspectors* - People you share your PD records with. You can invite them to view your records by entering their email address under INSPECTORS or if they are already using the PeriBuddy app, you can scan their QR Code directly under INSPECTORS.
You can invite up to 4 Inspectors to view your PD records.

*Patients* - People who shared their PD records. You can view their PD records but you cannot edit them.
Important note regarding Patients - You cannot add Patients yourself; Users who are patients must add you as Inspectors and they will automatically appear as Patients when you use the app. This is to ensure Patients only share their personal records to people they want.

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