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Personal Attendance Tracker with PDF Report and Backups    Productivity

Best app to track your daily personal attendance, easy to use attendance manager

Taking and maintaining attendance is a very essential task at every place around the globe. Whether it is a school, university or any company, performance and discipline are measured using the same parameter.
Thus, in order to this maintaining tedious task daily, it becomes important to take help of technology.
So, we created an app to track attendance called “Attendance Calendar with PDF report and backup” to help people track their daily attendance for different subjects quite easily and in a simple manner.
Various features have been integrated in the app for the ease of users such as this app can be used for any tuition class, school, and university and even for companies.
The UI is quite simple and easy to adapt. There will be daily notification reminder for updating pending subject attendance. It is a quick process to update attendance and a live pie chart is also generated to see the attendance in different formats such as weekly, biweekly and monthly.
Another great feature of the app is to generate PDF reports for individual required subjects and months. We can also take backups and can also restore data if needed.
Dark mode is also provided in this app. Moreover, different language support is also provided within the app.
Easy to manage attendance with using a calendar.
Track attendance on a single click
Generate pie chart to view attendance
Also view the attendance and pie chart in different formats such as weekly, biweekly and monthly
Authenticate the app to make sure only correct attendance is getting updated
Attendance calendar helps you in generating PDF reports
Backups can be taken in a simple way
Restore data at any given moment
Best app for attendance tracking: Easy to manage attendance of all subjects. Plan your leave in advance.
Track Attendance: This attendance app manages all the attendance of different subjects and generates a chart which can be viewed weekly, bi weekly and monthly.
Tracking attendance has never been easy: Track your attendance and leaves on a single tap.
Accurate charts: Attendance is calculated accurately depending on the number of the days attended, leaves or half days leaves along with the benefit of generating PDF reports.
PDF reports: Generate PDF reports to analyze your attendance.
Languages: Language support to provide aid to users all around the globe.
100% safe by Attendance Calendar: It’s not just a free app but also 100% safe and secure. Also, the data can be auto-linked to your mail address and backups can be generated that are stored on cloud.
Upcoming app updates for the following:
✔ Internationalization
✔ UI enhancements
✔ Daily Auto backup