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PhoneKhata - Manage Udhar Bahi Khata, Ledger Book    Business

App helps in managing credit/debit or account ledger book for small and medium businesses

PhoneKhata is safe, secure & reliable replacement of your Udhar Bahi Khata. App helps in managing credit/debit or account ledger book for small and medium businesses like general store, pan shop or tea stall. Digital udhar khata ensures that information is made available all the time. App is very simple to use and can be used by anyone knowing Hindi, English, Punjabi or Gujarati.

◾Phonekhata is 100% free to use and secure
PhoneKhata is free, provided to retailers, vendors or anyone who is giving or receiving money (len/den or credit/debit) and maintaining these records on books. App ensures that data safety by ensuring backups and restricted access

◾Faster money recovery due to automated reminders
Simply sending reminders impacts borrowers to great extents, especially knowing that these records are maintained digitally, affects borrowers mindset and helps in faster recovery of money. This is only possible in Digital ledger account books.

◾Made for Bharat with multilingual support
Multiple language support (Hindi, English, Punjabi, Gujarati, Telegu, Hinglish and many coming soon) and easy to use interface. App works in low network conditions and stores all the records in encrypted format in India

◾Automated data backup
The system is ensuring that data is properly stored and live backup is happening properly. In case of disaster, system is made robust enough to up and available for non-stop usage. This ensures that your Bahi Khata is always upto date and secure.

Why Use PhoneKhata?

🔸 PhoneKhata is 100% free to use
🔸 Your data is safe and secure
🔸 Manage different kinds(Retailers, Consumers, Distributors) of customer's profiles
🔸 Reminder to the customers to pay the dues on time.
🔸 Two-way agreements on payments to ensure transparency between both parties.
🔸 99.99% uptime guaranteed
🔸 Works well in low network areas

Where can we use PhoneKhata App?

🔸Kirana Shop/General Store/Grocery Shop
🔸Bakery, Food Thela and Juice Shops
🔸Paan Shops, Ice-cream Shop
🔸Small business doing sale on credit/debit
🔸Personal Credit Book Keeping
🔸Playing some point based games
🔸Bachelors living in shared accommodation
🔸Giving money to relative/friends

You can also use it as

🔸Udhar Khata
🔸Ledger Accounting
🔸Account Book
🔸Hisab Kitab
🔸Credit Debit
🔸Len Den
🔸Phone Khaata Book
🔸Credit reminder
🔸Debit credit app
🔸Book keeping
🔸Credit control
🔸Ugarani Chukavani
🔸Bahi khata
🔸Levad Devad


In addition to basic permissions, the PhoneKhata app needs access to other functions on your device for it to support the below features -
• Contact: Read contacts to make them available for transactions, PhoneKhata doesn't upload any of the contacts to the system unless you specifically try a transaction.