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Get Alerts if your network/server or website goes down. PUBG won't lag anymore

The application monitors the network stability based on ping times to multiple servers of your choice and sends automated alerts when the network goes down. It's been designed to give users a tool that can monitor the network stability and generate reports on the ping times.

Pinger can also help monitor network load. This app could be used to troubleshoot network speed while streaming video, playing online games, or performing other network-intensive activities. You can keep the pinger on constantly to receive a good ping from online games like PUBG

The automated alert system makes it the best networking tool for any IT/Network administrator. It instantly informs the user if any of the network / Server/ IP down or is unreachable. Give your clients/customers the best experience by knowing about your system networks. This can also be used by gamers to ping an IP from the device itself and check ping speeds.

- Check network performance instantly
- Now you can constantly monitor an IP address for the best online gaming experience
- You can ping your IP address from your local Network now without any interruption
- Option to add multiple networks for monitoring
- Automated tests run even if the app is closed
- Instant alerts if the network goes down
- Network health report
- Network performance timeline report
- No background tasks for automated tests (Saves battery drainage)

and many more to come.

All suggestions, feedback and even issues are welcomed and will be worked upon asap.

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