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Plantr - water reminders    Lifestyle

Plant care reminders - Stop your plants from dying of dehydration 🌱

The nr 1 app for you that can't keep a single plant alive
or to the one that has so many plants you forget to water them or even worse overflowing them 😢


Let me tell you a story. It's about Lisa, Lisa always overflows her flowers. DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE LISA?!
Okay okay maybe a little dramatic. Here is another one, it's about Jake,
Jake never water his plants so they die of dehydration! THAT'S LITERALLY MURDER!!
Do you want to be like JAKE?!?!


Are you tired of being like Lisa and Jake?
Do you want to have healthiest plants in the world?
Then calm the **** down i got you covered ❤️

With this Plant water reminder app you won't ever forget to water, fertilize or rotate your plants again!
Let the plants live and forget about the word dehydration 🎉

Plants need constant care and the most important one is watering 💦
This reminder app lets you add you plants and then set custom reminders for example water reminder.
Later when it's time to water your plants we send you a reminder in form of a push notification so you can't miss it!
Sounds great right?

Well there are more reasons!
Plants gives us oxygen, don't be the person that suffocate because you didn't take care of your flowers.
With plant reminders it's not even hard to manage them, you literally have no excuse!
Keep your plants healthy and alive today 😃

- add plant with image and name
- add desired reminders for example: water
- set desired water frequency
- leave app or view your garden
- get push notification
- open and press to water plant
- view graphs for soil moisture and watered amount for your plant

- Add plant to your garden
- Name that baby of yours
- Create a reminder to water, fertilize or rotate each plant!
- Get reminders when it's time
- Water, rotate or fertilize your plant
- Easily view plants that need water
- View details about specific plant
- Track plant soil moisture
- Track watering amount
- View graphs and time left to next water session
- Add labels to organize them

What are you waiting for? Take care of your plants today!