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PlayPay    Sports

Welcome to PlayPay, the best cross-platform community for gamers app for network, discussion , shops and interaction between game producer, publisher , game center and gamers.

Create your clan and squad to play games with friends , find teammates and promote your clan to be the next esports management. Whether you are pc gamer, mobile gamer or console gamer you could share and improve your game play with interact and discuss with gamers in our platform.

Here’s why Playpay is the best gamers community apps :

* Gamer Profile
As a gamer, you could describe, promote your skill and get endorsed from your friend on your skill and capability.

* Playpay Clan
As a community , you could build your clan, grow your clan and form your squad in our platform and seek opportunity to be scout by sponsors to be the next esports management team.

* Playpay Event Tournament
You could organize and set up your tournament online in Playpay Platform in order to help you faster and easier to organize an online event, from registration, registration payment and match arrangement.

* Playpay Game Zone
For gamer that looking for game update, game review and game tips, this is the zone for them to interact with other gamer and game publisher to find clue on game play, item discussion and game promotion.

* Playpay Voucher
Get your game voucher on playpay , you could get promotion price as well as donate to your clan for every purchase you made in Playpay platform.

So what are you waiting for? Install PlayPay for free, start build and grow your community with clan management at PlayPay.

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