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πŸ† Puzzle 15 Multiplayer - Game of fifteen    Sensortronic Team

Game of fifteen multiplayer. Challenge your friend in real multiplayer game.

Play Puzzle 15 with your friend in real multiplayer mode.</big></b>
Puzzle 15 Multiplayer is real multiplayer game - you can invite your friends (or enemies) to a multiplayer battle on reflexes and mind sharpness. The faster wins! While playing multiplayer, every one has three jokers / power cards - use them wisely during the game round and you can win! You can choose from three board sizes and two game modes - single player and multiplayer.
Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to do the dishes.

How to Play Multiplayer
βœ“ Tap "Start multiplayer" button
βœ“ Type your name and select a board size
βœ“ Create multiplayer invitation
βœ“ Either send the game code or allow your opponent to scan the QR image - that's it!

⭐ Elegant, easy to use interface
⭐ Single player and Multiplayer modes
⭐ Three different board sizes - 3x3, 4x4, 5x5
⭐ Jokers / Power cards in multiplayer mode
⭐ Your and your opponent steps counters in real time
⭐ Your and your opponent progress bar in real time
⭐ Score board to see your result while playing multiple rounds
⭐ Light and dark color themes

Boards Sizes
3x3 - easy to start with and get initial clue
4x4 - the classic Puzzle 15 game
5x5 - when you feel skilled enough give try on this more challenging board

Single Player Mode
This mode allows you to train your skills and prepare for the real battle - multiplayer mode. Play as much as you want. Mind your time and steps you made while solving the puzzle!

Multiplayer Mode
This is where the real fun begins! Just create a game, either share the game code or allow your opponent to scan the QR image and that's it - the game begins!
Both players start with the very same board shuffling. You can see your opponent's steps count and progress as well as yours in real time!

Once the game round ends you can see your and your opponent statistics on the score board. Then you can play another round with the same opponent or challenge a new one.

Please note, the multiplayer mode requires both your device and your opponent' device to be connected to Internet.

Jokers / Power cards
Every player has three jokers:
πŸƒ Swap boards - to swap your and your opponent's boards
πŸƒ Reset - to reset your opponent board shuffling to start
πŸƒ Freeze - to freeze your opponent board for certain time*

Be aware however - you can use each joker just once for every game round!

* freeze time varies depending on board size your are playing

Light and Dark theme coloring
You can choose between light and dark theme coloring to adjust more properly to the surrounding environment.