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Quick Memo    Tools

A memo pad useful for Ideas, ToDo and Shopping Lists!

A memo pad useful for Ideas, ToDo and Shopping Lists!
Very simple memo function only!
Dark themes plus a variety of color themes!
Customize your photo as a background!

This app is a simple free notepad & notebook app that is thoroughly focused on how functional and simple it is to make quick notes on ideas that come to mind.

You can take notes easily and quickly, and you can start up and take notes immediately.

We have made it very simple as a memo function to avoid the hassle of management, and made it to the minimum number of screens of memo list and detail screen only.

You can design your own app by customizing the layout.
You can use it as your own special personal memo pad.

You can change the look and feel of the app to make it easier to operate with one hand or design a cute & cool layout.
You can even use your favorite photo as a background.
There are many other useful customizations available, so give it a try!

I can quickly write down what comes to mind before I forget!
And this is the kind of notepad app that makes you want to open this app anytime.

As an idea list,
Don't forget your idea that sparked it.
As a todo list,
Don't forget you do your tasks today.
As a shopping list,
Don't forget to do your daily food shopping.
As a list of memoranda,
Remember the events of your daily life.
As a task list,
Manage your pile of work in one place.
As a diary,
Write down and manage private events.

We hope you can use it for various purposes.

【Memo function】
Memo registration and editing functions
1 photo
Delete notes
Swipe to delete
Removing the entire list
Bookmark function
Check function
Sorting Function
Clipboard copy (copy and paste)
List coloring function
5 colors (red, blue, orange, yellow and green)

【Layout Customization Feature】
Change the title of the list
Always open the keyboard
Bold correspondence
Automatic saving
Date Updated
Button position change
Dark Theme Support
Customizable color theme available
Set a photo as a background
Setting the sound effect when adding a list
Changing the quality of additional images
Change the transparency of the list color
Change the transparency of the background photo
Vertical and horizontal margin adjustment
Change text font size
Change the size of icons and checkboxes