AI companion for journaling and note-taking. Declutter your mind, boost focus, and increase productivity.
Reflectr is your ultimate journaling and note-taking AI companion. Freely and privately express your thoughts, ideas, and notes for your eyes only, and let AI help organize them, provide insights, and inspire you to be more focused and productive.

Some of the key capabilities of Reflectr:

AI-assisted writing styles:
Simply type or voice record your notes/thoughts and use one of the AI-assisted writing styles to tidy up or simplify your posts. Don't fret about grammar, spelling mistakes, or perfect sentence structure – let AI handle it for you.

AI-based tags and comments:
Each post will automatically be categorized with key tags for easy referencing later. Receive instant feedback with AI-generated comments on your posts.

AI-based daily and weekly recaps:
Stay on track with daily and weekly summaries, along with recommendations and food for thought, empowering you to channel your energy and focus in the right direction.

AI-based daily inspiration:
Enjoy daily affirmations, motivational quotes, and writing tips personalized to align with your posts.

AI-based mood calendar:
Track your daily mood trends based on your posts on the calendar, providing you with a comprehensive view of your mood patterns throughout the month.

All of your data is securely stored on your device and not on any central servers.

Start decluttering your mind today. Post your thoughts and ideas on Reflectr and unlock the power of your mind.

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