REMY - Reading Mate for You
REMY is an English education service that reads English using AI chunking.
Reading mate for you, REMY
Have you ever read an English book from cover to cover?

You spend hours and hours looking up all the words and checking the sentences you don't understand on Google Translate.
Then you start to wonder... whether you're reading a book or working as a translator.
How can we read English texts without using the dictionary?

Is there a way for us to spontaneously improve our English while reading?That's why REMY is here.

We’ve developed REMY’s own reading method using AI technology! It breaks sentences into units of meaning and analyzes them in detail. We call it "AI Chunking."
You'll better understand what you are reading with REMY’s AI Chunking!

Read with AI Chunking!
With sentences broken into units of meaning/breathing and exciting audiobooks,
you can take your reading experience to another level!

Easier and fun reading!
Read English with watching video, With AI Chunking, you can have a more fun reading experience.

Build your vocabulary
Gather the words and study with your own vocabulary

Please send any questions or feedback : [email protected]