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Resony    Health_and_fitness

Resony is your personal guide to reduce stress, anxiety by building positive resources for resilience

About Resony

1 in 4 people experience poor mental health but too many of them wait too long to access support. We are a team of London-based health professionals and entrepreneurs who have seen first-hand how challenging it can be for people to seek help. So, we built RESONY with the mission to provide instant access to effective mental health support and well-being. RESONY offers personalised exercises to reduce daily stress and anxiety by building positive resources for resilience. Whether you are waiting for therapy, tired of medication or want a therapy companion, the free Resony app provides you instant, personalised and safe techniques to improve your wellbeing. Unlike other wellness apps, we use a holistic integrated approach with a focus on mind and body to help users achieve faster and sustainable relief. The App can be used on its own or alongside therapy.

Main features of Resony

★ Wellbeing Check: 7-item self-assessment questions to personalise techniques and to track intensity of symptoms
★ Resonant breathing: Reduce stress and anxiety and build resources for resilience and sustainable peak performance under pressure
★ Acute Stress Release Techniques: Assist before, during and after experiencing challenging situations
★ Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Deep relaxation to support “letting go”, recovery and regeneration
★ Constructive Worry: Neutralise the impact of negative emotions, such as worry, anxiety, fear, anger etc. by raising emotions into conscious awareness and by neutralising them through naming them with precision. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
★ Constructive Gratitude: Gratitude journaling that helps reframe negative experience and create an enduring positive emotional state that is a foundation for stress reduction and creating adaptive resilience
★ Nature Observation: Mindfulness technique to deepen your connection with nature and enhances concentration and memory
★ Active listening: Mindfulness technique which strengthens positive relationships and improves communication

Benefits of using Resony

Using the techniques for 10-20 minutes daily can benefit you in the following ways:

Health & Well-being
• Improve and maintain your health and well-being
• Improve your sleep
• Boost recovery from strain and ill health
• Rejuvenation (healthy ageing)

Emotion Regulation
• Deal more effectively with pressure, trauma, change and crisis
• Improve your regulation of emotions
• Reduce stress, anxiety, anger, fear and low mood

Productivity at work (and home)
• Access sustainable high-performance states of flow easily, even under pressure
• Improve decision-making capacity in challenging circumstances
• Improve performance under pressure
• Enhance creativity
• Boost confidence to handle problems
• Access resourcefulness for problem solving
• Improve concentration, memory and cognitive processing under pressure
• Improve social skills