Risco Cero
This app is intended to young people (16+) that can have risky sex relations to prevent STD and also unintended pregnancy.
An app to show important information about STDs and how to prevent unintended pregnancy in young people (the app is in Galician and Spanish but we are open to update the content to English or any other language if someone can help us).

You can see all the information on how contraception methods are, how to use them and as we always say:

β€œIn case of doubts: visit your doctor!!”

Note: We got a mention from the Ministry of Health of Spain in sharing good practices in the risky sex relations: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/organizacion/sns/planCalidadSNS/pdf/BBPP_2019/BBPP_SS_2019/Galicia_BBPP_SS.pdf