Conversations Reinvented: Share thoughts and stories with friends worldwide, on your time.
Roads is the social audio app that lets you have asynchronous conversations with anyone. Record short podcasts on any topic, then share them with your friends, who can make audio comments to keep the conversation going.

Why should you try the app?
🔵 Start your own personal podcast, and share episodes with only the people you want.
🔵 Use the built-in voice recorder to start a conversation from anywhere
🔵 Create channels to share voice memos with different groups
🔵 Record all your ideas in one place and get feedback from others
🔵 Listen to new comments in Roads intuitive player

Road's commenting system creates a whole new way of communicating asynchronously. With it, you can contribute to an episode at any point. Then, when other people play that episode, they can listen to your comments—creating a more profound networking effect of conversations over time.

You control who has access to your episodes through channels. For example, every episode will remain private until it's added to a channel, and comments are only accessible to other channel members.

The power of listening has just gotten bigger!