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Sacret    Productivity

Sacret is a password and data manager that keeps you in control of your. It offers premium features while never storing your data

We believe the only safe storage for your digital data is on your phone and not hosted on a remote cloud server. Sacret securely encrypts, stores, and manages your data. This means that you control your data 100% of the time. All you have to do is remember your master password.

Your data is only stored where you want it to be! We don’t even have servers

Data that you can securely store on Sacret
* Usernames and passwords
* Bank details
* ID information
* Credit cards
* Notes
* Crypto wallet details

Backup and restore:
You can backup, restore and sync your data to an encrypted file or a cloud provider. This backup is encrypted before being uploaded, so the cloud service will only have a version of your bank level encrypted backup. It is important to us that only you can access and are in complete control of your data.

Bank-level security for your data:
* All your data is encrypted using the industry-standard AES 256
* We use a hash code of your master password to authenticate you into the app. This means that your master password is never stored on your device

Organisation tools
* Organise your data into different safes in order to keep things tidy
* Search and filter through the different safes or through everything
* Generate unique strong passwords

Backup Access
* On your first login you will be provided with a 32 alphanumeric code that can be used to recover your data if you ever forget your master password.