Salah Tracker
App that can help you to make praying salah a habit. In Sha Allah.
Salah tracker is a new app built with features that can help you make praying salah a habit.
It is based on the productivity approach where you need to get a calendar and mark the date every day when you complete a task and create streaks. You need to make sure that streaks don't break and challenge yourself to create the highest continuous streak.

Prayer Times - daily and monthly prayer times based on current location.
Prayer Calendar - prayer calendars for each prayer allow you to mark prayed prayers and see the current and highest streak count.
Prayer Notifications - get notifications for each prayer and the option to disable notifications.
Adjust prayer times - prayer times can be adjusted by selecting different calculation methods, madhab (school of thought), and increasing/decreasing time in minutes.
Menstruation (pause) option - mark prayers as exempted so that streak doesn't break.

This app is in active development. More features are coming soon:
Prayed/Missed prayers statistics
Online backup and multi-device sync
Add notes
and many more.

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