sCent Money
Personal, Group, and Trip Expense Tracking, All In One Place
s₵ent was created to provide users powerful insights about behaviour around money. Our goal is to help users identify small tweaks that can have a positive impact in their relationship with money.

We developed this app with flexibility at its core allowing it to adapt to various lifestyles and setups. Use s₵ent as an individual🧍‍♂️, couple👭, and/or group🏖️, all in one place.

Why s₵ent is different:

📚 3 layers of data: organize your spending with categories, subcategories and #hashtags to allow for versatile data management and visualization.

🗃️ Categories: overarching categorization to breakdown your spend in an intuitive way

🗂️ Sub-categories: go a level deeper, and

#️⃣ Hashtags: can group spending across categories, sub-categories and even books! How we use our money doesn’t always follow neat boxes. This option adds a dimension to your spending behaviour, when grouping expenses in the 2 layers above doesn’t tell the full story. That way, you can connect expenses that make sense to you.

📊 Visualize your spending in a variety of ways

✏️ Fully customizable template to kick-start your tracking habit.

☁️ Cloud supported and fully backed up from day one

📤 Your data is yours: export it at any time

Premium Features:
📒 Unlimited books
💵 Unlimited Transactions
💱 Create books in other currencies
📺 No Ads

Upcoming Features:

📥 Import your historical data
🧮 Budget setting and tracking
📈 Improved visualizations

Upcoming Premium Features:

🔁 Recurring expenses
🔂 Create a duplicate expense
🗓️ Compare time periods
💷 Custom Exchange Rates
🪅 Themes

Your feedback, feature suggestions, and complaints make the app better not just for you, but for us as well!