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SchooLife    Education

SchooLife can relates parents with children and their teachers.
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SchooLife provide parents with real-time knowledge of their children's school life. This way parents can help them succeed in that school life.

SchooLife can help you to be on time for homework, projects, games, meetings, events and even birthdays.

Why use SchooLife:
- Your Kids need help with homework.
- Your Kids will go to a Birthday.
- Your Kids will got a Dance Class.
- You want your Kids to get a reminder.
- You want your Kids to do their chores.
- Your Kids have School Trip.
- Teachers can assign homework.
- Teachers can let you know about a meeting in school.
- Teachers can share documentation about a homework or project.
- You can make an Entry for every homework on any subject.
- You can set goals for your Kids based on Entries marked as Done.
- You can help your kids with homework anywhere and anytime.
- Every Entry has its own Due Date, can be marked as Done and can
be archived.
- Every action on every Entry is in real-time.

On every Entry, You and your Kid, can:
- Chat with emojis and gif (Conversation)
- Search with Google Search and add those searches to the Chat (History, Science, Maths, Geography)
- Translate with Google Translate and add those translations to the Chat (Language)
- Find any place with Google Map and add those places to the Chat (Geography)
- Take a picture and add it to the Chat (Homework, School Trips)
- Attach Pictures or Documents to the Chat (Provide documentation)
- Extract written text with Google Machine Learning OCR and add it the Chat (Research and copy text from books)
- And finally export all those information in PDF (Email or Written reports)