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Schoolplanner    Education

Manage your daily school life. Together with your school mates. Online

The school planner app is a modern app for managing everyday school life - for students, students and teachers!
Whether timetable, homework or grades, united in one app, you can now eliminate the mess. However, the school planner is characterized by its intuitive aspects.
On the one hand, the school planner is modern, which means you can share school subjects, homework, exams, and class schedules through the cloud - now only one person needs to do the homework - and they all have them with them. You can also organize everything with multiple devices.
On the other hand, the app is incredibly smart - which means less effort and more overview in managing for you. The school planner automatically calculates the next lesson of your subjects, shows you in the overview simply the upcoming tasks and reminds you, if you still have to do a homework.

And not to forget - the app is completely free and ad-free.

What the app can do:

• Overview : Here you can see briefly what's up. What's left to do, what's up for today and tomorrow, what hours are missing, is there any information or events?
The overview summarizes the most important for you.

• Subjects : Here are all your school subjects. You can view a detailed view of each one, including key information, pending homework, exams, tests and reminders, your lessons, your grades, and your current cut.

• Tasks : Whether homework, exams, tests or reminders. What are the tasks you can see here. You can also show your homework right here to get more information, or tick off. Maybe you even want to share them with other friends who did not manage to have their own homework planner.

• Timetable: You can see clearly which subject is pending and when. What exactly is on which day? Here you can find that for sure. The timetable also has optional AB weeks if you need it.
See what time an hour begins and ends, enter delays and absences.
The schedule Deluxe - can do everything your heart desires.

The best thing about the school planner?

• HOMEWORK : Never forget about homework. You will find all your homework in the homework app and will never lose it again.
If you have forgotten what is pending, you will be notified early enough about your phone.

• TIMETABLE APP : This is part of every good school planner. On your timetable, you can find everything you need right away, and also everything that is important to you, such as AB weeks.

• AUTOMATIC HOLIDAYS: Zack! You have selected your state, that's enough thanks to the vacation database.

• SOCIAL: From now on, you no longer have to write down your homework. Create a course and your homework will be automatic at all.

• ONLINE: With cloud integration, whenever you want, you can access your homework planner and timetable from all your devices.

• INTELLIGENT: The device runs as fast as it gets. Easier to miss than other school assistants, homework planners, homework book, homework apps, timetables, deluxe timetables, or grades apps.
The automatic calculation of your next hour will support you enormously and allow you to record your homework as fast as lightning.
It never went faster!

• BEAUTIFUL : Thanks to Material Design, it is both clear and colorful, but also really chic!

Therefore, the new school planner convinces, making school life easier than any other school planner, school manager, homework, grades or timetable app or school assistant, homework planner, homework booklet, homework apps, timetables, timetable deluxe or grades apps.
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