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Second Chance    Dating

Helps you revive missed opportunities with strangers around you

Let's say you saw someone you liked, on the street, in a bar, on a train. Let's say you're positive they liked you too (body language etc.), but the situation was too awkward to approach this person - they are with friends or family, or it's just not the time or place to do so.
This situation happens to lots of people, throughout their lives, and it can be a missed opportunity to find someone they like.

Second Chance comes in to fix this issue.
When a situation like this occurs, just hit the 'I want my second chance' button.
It will get all people that are located near you, that have clicked this button too, from up to 30 minutes before and will keep loading more users 30 minutes into the future.
If the person you liked, had the app, and also clicked the button within your location radius and the time frame, they will be visible on the list.
From this list, you can find the person and match with them, if you match with them, your phone number will be visible to them and vice-versa, getting you that second chance of getting the phone number ;)