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Selfie diary with AI    Bozz Apps

Take a selfie a day, create a timelapse & enhance your camera with AI!

Selfie diary is an exceptionally convenient way to track your life. See changes in your face and more.
Take a photo every day and get started now.
Everyone's life changes and creating a handy recording of it is valuable. It helps create and grow memories. It helps self-reflect and being yourself.

This smart diary makes you take one picture a day and then collects all those images. Using the camera and artificial intelligence, your face is detected with a single tap a beautiful photo is taken. These smart algorithms allow for crazy effects and more. Your life will be displayed uniquely. The photo is perfectly cropped and the memory created. It doesn't take much time.

See all the days on a gridded timeline. This timeline will show you throughout the years and will reflect you. The diary shows you grow as time flies.

The selfies are safely stored on a server to save storage - the high quality is conserved. Furthermore, this enables even better analyzation and cross-device synchronization. Have your memories always with you.

Videos that can be created with this smart diary are very popular on social media. The aspect ratio of 1:1 is perfect for Instagram and more. Become an influencer and show your life in a very special diary. There are thousands of popular selfie a day videos out there.

It doesn't need to take a lot of time to create memories of a lifetime.
Start recording your life in selfies and images now.

•Smart face recognition
•Automatic cropping
•Minimalistic design
•Device sync
•Daily selfie without many settings

Join the next generation of everyday selfies today!

Futuristic Features🚀:
•Easy sharing
•Improved use of face detection

The selfies could be combined to create a stunning timelapse. These videos show your life in just a few seconds. One selfie a day will result in a stunning memory and timeline.

Sharing is important. The images are in Instagram's aspect ratio and so will the generated timelapse and transformations. Share yourself growing on social media and share this selfie a day app with your friends.

Transformations will make use of advanced face recognition and modern computing. This feature is planned to create the most stunning representation of your life in an engaging timelapse diary.

The face detection system is already in place to perfectly crop your daily selfies. Now, an even more advanced use case could analyze your emotions and changes in a growing face. Your camera suddenly becomes way more powerful with artificial intelligence supporting it.

It is time. Take a selfie a day and start creating stunning memories now. Your camera has never been more powerful. With advanced face recognition and artificial intelligence, your timelapse will become popular on social media. Share your life story on Instagram and make use of the soon to be features like transformation.

Grow now! Take that first selfie! Start your journey!