Send to Me
The new form of socialization. anonymously.
Send to Me; It is a messaging and social media platform that has been designed and developed as a new generation. Offering much more than conventional social media platforms with its user-centered mission, the platform allows hundreds of thousands of people to socialize every day.

By providing an anonymous-based environment in order to avoid the reservations that occur during the socialization and meeting of people among each other, we give priority to the users to behave more comfortably and leave their reservations aside. While our users are chatting with each other, all their information is hidden from the other party for as long as they do not want. In addition, if the user wishes, elements that show the popularity of people such as the number of followers - the number of followers - the number of message conversations can be hidden from the profile. In this way, we ensure that all people use Send to Me more confidently.