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Sensera: CBT & Self-Help    Health and fitness

Sensera is a daily 10-minute self-therapy app. Feel better and happier with audio sessions and exercises designed by licensed therapists.

## A task

Develop a startup - a mobile application to support and strengthen mental health

## Stages of work

- Development of the minimum version of the mobile application
- Integration of payments, testing of hypotheses on pages with payments, implementation of A / B tests
- Connecting a forum for iOS users for collective support
- Connecting the logic of working with reminders and push notifications with separate sessions
- Development of unique sessions for every day, exercises in the format of Instagram stories
- Global update of the interface, update of animations, onboarding, adding ML selection of sessions personalized for the user
- Add exercises to courses, subtitles to audio, and integration with Apple Health
- Development of a weekly marathon and integrations with partners

## Solution

1. Personalize the user experience in the application

Upon entering the application, the user is prompted to answer a short quiz to find a unique set of content that will help him cope with mental health problems. The user can create an account to save progress, as well as immediately get a trial with premium access to courses.

2. We make convenient navigation and filtering by topics

On the main screen of the application, the user sees content personally selected for him by ML algorithms, which is updated daily. On the Explore screen, the user can select one of the tags that best suits their condition and listen to the corresponding sessions or start taking the course.

3. Keeping motivated and offering community support

We have implemented push notifications in the application in such a way that the user can independently set up his mental health schedule. Also, the application has a user forum, which supports motivation and allows you to get help in special cases.

4. We develop the functionality and increase the usefulness of the application

Over the past year, the application has increased its functionality by more than 2 times. Users see development and remain loyal and supportive. We are introducing new profitable subscription formats, listening to feedback and writing new content to help mental health.

## Result

The application was launched with working functionality and connected analytics services in 2 calendar months. Now the application has more than 50k. users on both platforms, over 30% of whom use the app daily. The service received a $200k investment and the #1 Product Hunt label.

## Further development

- Increasing content in the app
- Improve app loading speed
- Expansion of settings for notifications, integrations
- Improved ML session selection algorithm