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Sharry - quick & easy todo list sharing    Lifestyle

Sharry is the easiest way to share different to-do lists with other people.

The app will be useful for different tasks:
you can share to-do or shopping lists between your family members;
- if you are a teacher you can share the lists with necessary school items;
- if you are planning hiking with friends you can create a list of things to take with you and share it with other people;
- whatever list you want.

You can keep different lists:
- a shopping list;
- a to-do list for a weekend;
- a list of good films you want to watch;
- a list of books you like;
- checklists;
- etc.

There are different access levels for public lists:
- you can give full editing access for the list and all changes by other people will be synchronized in real-time;
- in a read-only mode other users will be able to check items independently without synchronization.

The main features of the app:
- The lists can be private or public;
- You can disable access to your public list anytime;
It is very easy to share the list. You don’t need to sign up. Just let other people scan QR-code in the app. Or you can share the link.
- You can set different colors for the list. It will help you to identify it on the main screen quickly.
- The most important or more often used lists can be pinned at the top of the main screen.
- For every list you can see the number of checked items and the number of people who use this list.
- If you don’t need the list anymore you can archive or delete it. If you archive the list you can restore it whenever you want.