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Shoopy - Invoice, manage inventory & sell online    Business

Shoopy helps local retailers in managing(invoicing, billing & inventory) their shop easily. Be it tracking the sale of the week, new customers in a week, products/items sold etc.

The purpose is to give local retail technology advantage to compete with online e-commerce giants. In the digital transformation journey, Bharat/India is adopting technology fast, customers want the comfort of online shopping. Shoopy helps you in achieving this goal very easily. You don't need to be an expert to operate shoopy. If you can use simple apps then Shoopy is the app for you. The app is available in Hindi, English and Hinglish language.

The app is an ideal fit for small and medium business. You can use shoopy even if you don't have GST registration for your shop.

What's new
🔸 Share products & offer to your social circle
🔸 Create business card

Main features of Shoopy

◾ Shoopy is 100% free to use and secure
Shoopy is free, provided to retailers, vendors or anyone who is selling offline and wants to provide customer invoices, vendor invoices, manage inventory.

◾ Generate bills/invoices
Create invoices in simple two steps. Add customer and then add items you sold to the customers. Generate invoice and share via SMS or other mediums like WhatsApp

◾ Manage products
The app helps in creating and maintaining products via a simple to use interface. These items/products can be shared with customers and vendors for sale/purchase.

◾ Social commerce to boost your sales further
Shoopy helps you to utilize the full potential of your social & local network. You can share products, offers to the customers to get more repeat orders from them.

◾ Offers, Promotions
Create offers using a very simple user interface and share with the customers using social share or SMS to boost your sale further.

Why Use Shoopy?

🔸 Shoopy is 100% free to use
🔸 Data is safe, secure and automatically backed up in the all the devices
🔸 No limitation of the number of devices use with as many as you want
🔸 Create invoice via app in two steps
🔸 Manage different kinds(Retailers, Consumers, Distributors) of customer's profiles
🔸 Discover vendors who are buying or selling similar products
🔸 99.99% uptime guaranteed
🔸 Works well in low network areas
🔸 Create invoice and bill for any product or service
🔸 Customize your invoice template or choose from one of the best template suites your
🔸 Customize invoice fields: quantity, rate, shipping, and item number
🔸 Discount on item or total
🔸 Tax on item or total, inclusive or exclusive
🔸 Use messaging apps (e.g: WhatsApp) or text your estimate, invoice or receipt

Features coming soon

1. Loyalty programs for the customers
2. Create offers and share these via social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok etc
2. Manage GST from the app

We at Shoopy takes customer/retailers safety of data very seriously. That is the reason, we are saving data with the world's best cloud companies. Your data is always backed up safely. It is 100% Free, Safe and Secure for all types of businesses to maintain their customers' accounts/products/inventories etc.

Who can use Shoopy App

1. Mobile Shop
2. Electronics Shops
3. Recharge shop
4. General Stores
5. Sweets shop
6. Bakery shop
7. Jewellery shop
9. Business running out of home
10. Tiffin service
11. Gift Shop
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13. Invoice maker, invoice bill create
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Shoopy app needs access to other functions on your device -
• Contact: Read contacts to add the as customer, retailers or distributor.
• Storage: Shoopy will download invoices in the download directory.