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Shree Jenukal    LT Services

Get all the updates of Jenukallu Siddeshwara Temple located in Yadapura, Arsikere Taluk, Hassan district, Karnataka State, India. The temple is very famous and every year the followers to this temple increase.
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Jenukallu Siddeshwara Temple is located in Yadapura, Arsikere Taluk, Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka. The temple is very famous and every year the followers to this temple increase. The god Jenukallu Siddeshwara is very famous with the names Ajjaya, Siddeshawara, etc. The god blesses us with immense power if we trust him and follow him with huge belief. Every month Pornimae or Amavasya, the temple will be too crowded and all our wishes will come true if we visit and get his darshan on this auspicious day.

Every year very famous Sree Jenukal Siddeshwara Fair will be held in the month of April / June, where we will be exited after watching Rathothsava, Dugula, Arathi Pooje and Kenda Thulitha. We get blessed and all our sins get cleared off watching and participating in the fair.

Every day there will be Anna Prasadam being offered to the disciples coming to the darshan of Ajjaya. And also a beautiful moral of not wasting the food is shown there. So please do not waste food and ask food only that much what you can eat. Also there are lot of sevas being offered to god, please ask the purohits and do the archana sevas. On the top of this hill you can see a Gopura which looks very good in this you can see the foot prints of Siddeshwara Swamy (mullasthana). There is also Gangama Kolave where one can visit and pray to god Gangama.

There is a Basavanna Temple in down of the hill where we can ask Appane (Any Queries), where with Flowers odd or even count, whether the work will be done or not is indicated. The god is very powerful in letting our queries answer.

This hill contains many caves which have their own history and you can see a honey nest on the big rocks. These bees are thought to indicate God's sign that they monitor each and every moment which takes place here. Anything wrong in any of the process of publicly or privately in this area, you will be face the sign of punishment in a fraction of a moment.