Sleep Smarter - Fight insomnia & improve sleeping
Do you want to sleep better? Sleep Smarter gives you all the help with tips and guides to make the most of your sleeping hours.
Relax, sleep better and wake up feeling rested.

All councils are based on scientific studies endorsed by major universities and research centers.

Your health is the most important, having a good rest routine helps to improve all aspects of your life.

You must really understand the value of sleep, it's not just about closing your eyes, sleep has a direct impact on your mentality, emotional and physical performance.

In the tips of our app we explain that a simple lack of sleep can lead to as many health problems as depression, obesity and immune deficiencies.

It's not something we think about a lot, but getting enough sleep also has a direct impact on your productivity.

Many of us lead busy lives and assume that sleeping a few hours less means a few more hours of work. However, prioritizing work over sleep is actually counterproductive.

Instead of allowing you to do more work, you will find yourself exhausted, stressed, slower and your creativity will be affected.

The evidence suggests that you actually make 20% more mistakes when you lack sleep, just creating more work for you.

Sleep correlates directly with the amount of glucose in your brain, if you're not getting enough sleep, your glucose drops.

When you have a large pending project or an impending deadline, schedule enough time to make sure you complete the work in question. Do not sacrifice the dream to meet the deadlines.