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Smart Gallery    Tools

Search images from your Gallery/Whatsapp by describing your image

Smart Gallery is your intelligent solution for the traditional galleries.

It allows you to search images by not only location/ filename but also by describing contents of the image.
By using the app's intelligent search you can easily find the pictures of your pet dog/ favorite food/ IDs/ Screenshots/ Book pages etc. without having to go through the thousands of images in your gallery.

Features :

1-> Completely Offline :: Once downloaded this app can run completely offline. No data/ internet is required to search your images

2-> Privacy :: All the processing takes place locally on your device. Your images are NEVER uploaded anywhere so all your images are safe on your device

3-> Search :: App allows you to search not only images in your gallery but also in Whatsapp folder.
Currently the app supports four kind of search:
a) by Filename - where images are searched based on the name of the file
b) by Location - where images are searched based on the GPS location of the images when they were clicked
c) by Objects - where images are searched based on the objects in the image like jacket, plant, food, dog etc
d) by Text - where images are searched based on the text in the image like phone numbers, text phrases etc

4-> Reduce size :: Our phones usually capture high quality images which have large size. reduce size option allows app to reduce the size greatly from 5~6 MB to only 100~150 KB which allows for easier sharing and uploads

What's planned for the future?
Smart Gallery is meant to be the ultimate gallery on your device.
Future updates would include on device translation, search by face, search by time, resize option, hidden gallery, smart organize plus a loads of other functionalities.
So stay tuned .. !!