Smoxy - Quit smoking
Defeat your cravings with superpowers and become a healthy non-smoker!
A great future awaits you - Activate your superpowers now and start a smoke-free life!

Quitting smoking is the best decision of your life!
Why? You will increase your life expectancy, you will save a lot of money, you will improve your health and that of your fellow human beings, you will no longer support child labor and you will improve your ecological balance.

Our main features:

Superpowers - coping strategies against your cravings.
The superpowers include various coping strategies that give you strength and motivation to defeat your cravings. With Smoxy you don't have to be afraid of cravings anymore. Activate all superpowers and be perfectly prepared for your next craving.

Buddy function - interactive support makes it easier
Your buddy can follow all your progress, knows your cravings and will be informed if you have a setback. Having someone to help, support and motivate you greatly increases your chances of quitting smoking in the long run. Get through difficult times together and celebrate your successes!

Health Area - watch the Physical Regeneration
Get insights into detoxification and regeneration of your body and follow how your health improves from 0 to 100%.

Milestones - relevant intermediate goals that motivate you
The milestones give you a good orientation to see in which phase of the addiction you are. The corresponding tasks will support you in successfully completing the milestones.

Achievements - you can be proud of
You will receive many great achievements for your health progress, cigarettes avoided, money saved and much more.

Analysis - learn the context of your cravings
Analyze in which life situations a craving overcomes you and learn with which strategies you defeat certain cravings.

Unlock Premium

With the free demo version we want to give you a first impression of the Smoxy world. You will get to know the extensive features that will support you on this journey. You can increase the chance of a successful smoking cessation with the paid premium version. You have the choice between the 1-month and the 12-month ticket.

Questions or suggestions?

We are constantly working to optimize and expand the Smoxy App to best meet everyone's needs. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve our app, feel free to let us know. Contact us at:
[email protected]

Start your journey to a great future now!
Become smoke free and enjoy your life as a healthy non-smoker.