Snibble is the AI-powered premium short video platform
Curated, premium video with the first AI-powered messenger.

News, entertainment news, movies trailers, celebrity news, fashion, gaming and e-sports, lifestyle, comedy and more. All from the top professional content producers in the world. Snibble only has real, authentic videos from the world’s leading content producers.

Video meets social.

Snibble was designed to enhance your connection with your best friends. Together, you can discover, curate, recommend, share, and watch the world’s best short-form video content. We’ve combined video from leading global sources with next-Gen social features.

Meet Convos. The world's first AI-powered messenger.

Convos instantly provides you with hyper-relevant video recommendations that you can add to your message. Talking about last night’s game? Add highlights or analysis. Talking about your favourite celeb? Add the latest gossip from over 50 top entertainment channels. Whatever you’re chatting about, there’s something great on Snibble that add to the chat.

Collab Mode.

No other video app harnesses the power of your friends to curate a unique feed only available on Snibble. Together, you and your best mates curate what interests you the most from hundreds of thousands of videos. No algorithm is ever going to know you better than your friends.

Preview Mode.

Now you can scroll through and watch the first 20 seconds of videos. To watch the whole video simply tap on the preview.

Fewer ads.

Unlike most video and social platforms, Snibble doesn't inundate you with ads. No mid-roll ads interrupt your video viewing experience and you'll never have to fight off pesky pop-up ads.

Completely private.

Snibble is just for you and your best friends that you invite. No outsiders. No creepy people horning in on your conversations.