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Sounter - Learn languages with the power of music    Education

⭐ Learn languages with your favorite songs ⭐ English, Spanish, Italian, German, French Free

Learn spanish, Italian, German, french and more languages! You never thought it would be so easy and free !

Our method is perfect for you, it does not matter if you have a basic, intermediate or advanced level of the language. Through our method that works as a course of (Spanish, Italian, German, French and more) online free based on your favorite songs, you will notice how your level in the language improves very fast. Many people have already tried our method to improve their Italian or Spanish and what do you expect?

Why learn Languages with songs?

* It works: * There is scientific evidence that the songs help language students fro beginners, learn new vocabulary, learn grammar and speak and better understand the language they learn.

* The music is repetitive and helps you learn Spanish (also Italian, german and French) and any other language: * Probably you already knew this. Music has the strange ability to get stuck in our minds specially for beginners. Melodies and lyrics often infiltrate our thoughts to sound again and again in our minds speciially for beginners . All this will help you learn Spanish, German, Italian and more languages through the songs, because you will memorize vocabulary and phrases easily for beginners .

* It is an easy habit to acquire: *
Learn Languages ​​( German and Spanish catalog of thousands of songs for beginners or advanced ) through songs that you like and it will be impossible to leave. It is something everyday for you, unlike any course, or application that is foreign to your routine. In a course you could spend hours trying to learn new words or vocabulary with teachers or boring tasks, unlike songs you can do in a matter of minutes.

* Music teaches you the culture of speakers of German, Spanish, French, Italian and more languages ​​*

The music teaches you about the culture of the speakers of the language. The music gives you an idea about the language-speaking culture and how Spanish speaker, Italian Speaker, French Speaker and people think and feel. Familiarizing yourself with popular songs and artists gives you something to talk about with your language speaking friends from beginners .

* What functions does the application offer free *

- Practice and learn Polish, Turkish,Spanish, French and other languages with song lyrics free
- Listen to songs videos with translations of the lyrics in Spanish or other languages like german as beginners .
- Learn Spanish, German and Italian with quick quiz of the lyrics of the songs
- Tools to learn Spanish, French and Italian fast, free and easy.
- Add songs to our library in more than 7 languages free ( included spanish ) .
- Special tools to learn Turkish and French for english speakers.
- Games that help you to improve your skills in a fun way free .

Catalog of songs by language free :

Spanish: 10,000,000
French: 1,000,000
Italian: 1,000,000
Portuguese: 5,000,000
German: 1,000,000
Polish: 500,000
Turkish: 500,000

To learn languages like spanish, italian, german or french, do you need tools speccially created for beginners or advanced users free. All these tools are based on our backgroud as spanish teachers.

With Sounter you will find out how much fun it can be to learn a language like Spanish. Spanish is free .

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