Spittin' is a drop in audio podcasting app where users come to spend a good time.
In Spittin', during a live capsule, a soundbite is recorded whenever a speaker open his microphone to speak to with the other participants. Once the capsule ends you have access to the entire show recorded in multiple soundbites that you can repost and like. With this kind functionalities users can never run out of content.

You can also comment a soundbite with another soundbite which duration will be based on the first one. For instance if the soundbite you want to reply has a duration of 30 seconds your comment will have a max duration of 30 seconds (exception for soundbites under 10 seconds where your reply will have a duration of 10 seconds + the initial soundbite duration).

If a capsule is live and you come across one of it's soundbites you can join the live by clicking on the green button of the soundbite. If the capsule is no longer live it will redirect you to the recordings.

We’re so excited for you to join!