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SportsHi    Education

SportsHi is the one-stop shop to accelerate your high school sporting aspirations.

SportsHi is the one-stop shop to accelerate your high school sporting aspirations.

Whether it be interacting with other student-athletes in your area through social media posts, connecting with college coaches, or gaining access to exclusive internship and leadership opportunities, SportsHi allows you to easily gain an edge in your athletic and academic future.

What exclusive benefits does SportsHi give you?
* Accessible connection opportunities to high school students for your sports in your area
* Direct line to college coaches at top NCAA programs such as Brown, Duke, and Penn State at no cost
* Regular scholarship and academic advancement opportunities to help students in the high school sporting community advance their career passions
* Growing platform to showcase your athletic spirit and abilities and share with the world
* Application to our trademark ambassador program which embodies an internship experience to teach high school students the inner workings of a startup's business and marketing strategies
* Exclusive leadership workshops and interactions with some of the biggest names in sports and business

SportsHi boasts unique and innovative social media features targeted towards high school athletes to simplify their online experience. Create your account in less than 2 minutes and gain access to tens of thousands of other students interested in the same or similar sports as you! Some of our prime built-in app features include:
* TRENDING CHARTS: Pump some virality into your post to make it appear on one of our trending charts. Categories include daily, weekly, and monthly, allowing for anyone to climb up the rankings and give a special post the exposure it deserves!
* COACH COMPATIBILITY: Interacting with your students has never been easier! Create custom workout schedules, meeting times, and practice materials to share with your team through the SportsHi app. Coaches can communicate and easily reach all their athletes to send alerts, receive notifications, and post new information about the team all in one place.
* CUSTOM HIGH SCHOOL PAGE: Own a personalized, gamified profile for your school to show off your spirit, share sports videos to other schools all over the country, and flex your athletic achievements for some friendly competition! Each school will have a customized landing page and can receive extra perks with a SportsHi President!

Surf through epic sports content posted by your friends, your coach, and any potential connections. Our mission is to unite the high school sports community and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in college and beyond. We hope to see you there!

By downloading the SportsHi app, you are eligible to apply for our signature intern experience. Experience a 12-week program that takes you to the front lines of our product and marketing team and gives a crash course in business techniques and social media/consumer marketing.
At the end of this program, you will receive a personal letter of recommendation from our company's CEO, as well as numerous benefits such as resume prep and interview tips to aid you in your future endeavors.
As an ambassador, you are also eligible to apply for a President position at SportsHi, which would elevate your role in our company and allow you to coordinate with our team and CEO to set up a SportsHi chapter at your school to spread our mission and help raise money and hype for your community's high school athletics.

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