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Spot The Number: Brain game 2020 | Brain training    Bulky Brains Company

Number Puzzle and online multiplayer concentration battle game to improve focus

Spot the number is a number puzzle 🔢 and an online multiplayer concentration battle game 🎮 that helps you:
. Compete with players around the world ⚔️ and increase your brain power 🧠
. The real-time heated battle will keep you on your toes
. Highly recommended for people who love puzzle games 🧩 like Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, Brain dots, Candy Crush, Brain Out, and other brain training apps.


Spot the number do not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaptation.⏱ Each game lasts for 60 seconds. The puzzle consists of a color and number displayed at the top of a 🎨multi-colored number grid. The player should find the number and color combination from the grid to solve. Players will be awarded ✨ 1 point ✨ for every grid they solve. The aim is to solve as many grids as possible in 60 seconds.

There are stars ⭐️ available to auto-complete a grid. Collecting stars can give you a straight advantage over your competitor. There are other multiple ways by which you can earn stars. Explore 🧭 Spot the number to find them out yourselves.

The game can visibly improve your brain power, focus 🔍, eye speed 👀 and thinking agility 🧬 through consistent and repeated participation on multiplayer challenges.

Online Multiplayer Real Time Battle

Compete ⚔️ with players around the world LIVE!! Push you eye speed and focus to its limits. The real-time battles will keep your heart on your mouth for 60 seconds.

. Outscore you opponent on real time battle 🏆
. Defeat them and secure your position on the leaderboard 🥇
. Crush the high scores with your agility 🎯

Offline game

You can practice the puzzle even when you are offline . Perfect if you if you want to kill your time ⏰ or relax and you are into addictive number puzzle games 🎲, cool math games 🧮 or brain teasers. Practice makes you perfect. You will definitely improve your hand-eye coordination and sharpen your focus. In a few days, you will visibly see you high scores shooting up with fabulous focus like never before.

If you like cool games like left vs right brain games, memory games, word search games, math puzzles, number puzzles, 2048 and games where you compete with friends or players around the world, download now and play Spot The Number.

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