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T2QR - QR Code Generator & Reader    Productivity

T2QR is a free app that specializes in generating QR codes.

T2QR is a free app that specializes in generating QR codes, allowing you to change the color of the QR code at will and even embed the QR code into an image to create a useful virtual background.

Features of T2QR
◆Simple and highly flexible QR Code creation function
When T2QR is launched, the QR Code creation screen is displayed, and a QR Code is immediately created by entering the text or URL that you want to use as a QR Code. If you want to change the text, the change is immediately reflected in the QR Code.
With T2QR, you can freely change the code color (foreground color) and background color of the QR Code. There are two ways to change the colors: one is to select from 20 colors prepared in advance, and the other is to select a favorite color on the dedicated screen.
You can also select an image and embed it in the center of the QR Code.

◆QR code reading function
QR code reading has been supported since v2.3.0. If the read data is a URL, it can be viewed on the Web as it is, or it can be reconverted into a QR code.

◆Sharing and saving of created QR Codes
The QR code created with T2QR can be shared on social networking services. QR codes created with T2QR can be shared on social networking sites, etc. They can also be saved on the device and used from other applications.

◆Embed QR Code in an image
By clicking the "Embed in image" button on the startup screen, you can start the QR Code embedding image generation step. You can embed the web page of your store into the image of a flyer to attract customers, or embed the URL of a business card application or SNS into the virtual background of an online business meeting to create a conversation topic.

◆QR Code creation from the share button
If you have already installed T2QR Code, T2QR will be displayed as a candidate for sharing when you share a text or URL, and when you select T2QR, T2QR will be launched with the shared text turned into a QR code, so you don't have to search for the app when you want to create a QR code.

◆Dark theme is already supported.
It is possible to select a dark theme from the settings. It is said that the dark theme is easy on the eyes and good for battery life.

All functions of T2QR are available for free, although some ads are displayed.

We are planning to add various functions related to QR code creation in the future.