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TakaCycle    Productivity

Door to door affordable scheduled and on demand requests waste collection.
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Waste Collection Made Easy
• Download TakaCycle, Sign Up, then simply open the app and get waste collection schedule notifications from us or request a pick up on demand for bulk waste.
• Your TakaCycle waste collectors will be at your location in minutes, ready to weigh and pick up your wastes.
Waste Collection You Can Trust
• All TakaCyclers-Waste collectors and customer cares pass a comprehensive background and are passionate about Environment Cleanliness.
• TakaCycle provides a first of its kind waste collection model for healthier and cleaner environment to give you total peace of mind.
Rewards for Recycling
• As you give materials to us, our collectors will reward you with coins per kg of recycled wastes.
• No other waste collection service rewards you right? With TakaCycle, you clean your environment for free – it’s simple, and efficient model for you!
Up to date Environment, Waste Management and Recycling News
• TakaCycle give you up to date environment, waste management and recycling news, policies and relevant information’s to make Zero Waste dream become true for the sake of the environment.
Recycling Academy
• TakaCycle teach you recycling tricks to do it yourself at home. Let’s do this to make our homes and neighborhoods healthier and cleaner place.

Your Impact to Save the environment
• TakaCycle collects your data on Solid waste Collection and management to show how powerful you can bring positive impacts in the environment to make a world a better place.
Get rewards and join the eco-community who’ve chosen TakaCycle instead of local trucks to fight against urban waste crisis and strive to make Urban neighborhoods healthier and cleaner place. When you need efficient waste collection, skip others inefficient collectors and choose TakaCycle.