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Teal: The secret Law of attraction App to Manifest Money    Lifestyle

The abbreviation for Teal: Law of attraction app is "Tools & Exercise App for Law of attraction". This secret law of attraction app, contains Affirmations, Daily Quotes, Dream Tool, Feelings Tool, Blogs, Tips, Vision board, and other manifestation to
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πŸ”₯ Vision board
You might hear this word in the secret manifestation and law of attraction sources, but when comes to the manifestation journal, the secret vision board is not enough to make the super app. To manifest your dream you can use the dream board, but the law of attraction requires more powerful manifestation tools to make the magical manifesting done.

πŸ”₯ Daily quotes
The secret law of attraction tips written in the daily quotes will impact some effective teachings on your vision and the way you think up about your dream. the vision board will help you to remind you about your dream, but what about your aim and logical actions which are required for the laws of attraction to manifest money, love, or any other things you want? There comes our dream tool inside this super manifestation app.

πŸ”₯ Feelings tool
To use the law attraction to manifest love, abundance, you need to raise your vibration then only the secret law of attraction will work without any negative resistance.
πŸ‘ This manifestation app has a Feelings tool, that will make you think positively and instantly make you feel positive to raise your vibration. Once you start feeling positive, your subliminal vibration will be increased to attract money, goal, love, or any other desire.
πŸ‘ The secret affirmations tool for the law of attraction is added to this manifestation app's library. The secret to raising your positive vibration is a process, that has to be practiced daily to make your subconscious believe that you are feeling always positive, just like subliminal hypnosis.

πŸ”₯ Affirmations tool
To manifest daily affirmations, this app has an Affirmations tapping tool. The real secret to think up positive is all about the way you think while tapping the affirmation daily.
πŸ‘ Try not to be selfish, always try to be positive by using the affirmations tapping tool in this app for free. Just like the vision board maker for visualization, this app has a dream tool with a set of words to plan your dream. The affirmation can be set as a lock screen and wallpaper.
πŸ‘ The goal board will guide you on what to do for the logical steps that the law of attraction needs from you while manifesting. The affirmation tapping tool for the law of attraction journal is completely customization by the user.

πŸ”₯ Focus meter
πŸ‘The Focus meter will indicate mistakes on your affirmations list instantly. To think positive, tap the affirmations daily. To get motivation, read the positive affirmations given in the quotes section.
πŸ‘ The example I am affirmations is given inside the Tapping tool. I am affirmations are really powerful when you use them daily as a positive affirmation reminder in the morning. Morning affirmations, I am and daily positive affirmations are helpful for you to think positive.
πŸ‘ Most of the positive affirmations are given in very high quality to set as lock screens. Learn the manifestation techniques by yourself using the daily affirmations tool, and feelings tool.
πŸ‘ The tapping tool can be completely used as a self-affirmation app. It is just like an affirmation game, that you need to tap it daily. Affirmations will act as a reminder to achieve your dreams and desires using the law of attraction.
πŸ‘ The secret tip to use the affirmations is playing music while tapping. Affirmation creation will play voice affirmations, on supported devices, on other devices it will play a short music sound to create the shifting realities possible.
πŸ‘ Law of attraction quotes are allowed to download to provide you some inspiration when you browse your device, also that will act as an inspiration board to increase the power of your mind to achieve your desire.