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TeamSpot - Join the club!    Sports

TeamSpot is a sport team management app to keep players informed, organize games and practices, launch surveys and keep track of everybody response.

TeamSpot is a beautiful team management app. Join a team and do not miss any event or news ! Team Spot offers all the tools to keep players informed, organize games and practices, launch surveys and stay up to date with your schedule.

This is the early access version of our app! Stay tuned for new features that will soon be added!

To join a team in TeamSpot you only need an invitation code. Or, you can invite someone by sending them a link or showing them the QR code from the team tab. Your phone number and/or mail, as well as those from other players won't be shared with the others.

TeamSpot main features include:

- A Forum to stay up to date with everyone: it acts as your virtual dressing room! Ask any questions, comment on past events or simply keep communicating with other players. The forum is the best place to share your thoughts.

- Plan games, practices or any other event and keep track of who is participating: the events tab allows to create a single event as well as weekly or monthly activities. Being it a weekly training session or a single game every team player will be able to quickly tell others their availability.

- Launch surveys to always choose the best option for everybody: The survey tab allows to create simple surveys to choose among up to 5 options! Being it a date to block, a place to choose or anything else. This is the perfect tool to always choose the best option for everybody.

- Add a KPI for your team: It can really be anything: your rank in a multiplayer game, your win streak, your spike height or anything you wish to show everyone to motivate the team and create some competition !

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