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Text Photo: Word Art From Pic    Art and design

Turn pictures into unique typography artworks made of nothing but text.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words."

You have certainly heard that phrase before, but what about a picture which is made of nothing but words... that one has to be worth even more.

Photo is an amazing way of communication, but sometimes it is a good thing to provide context by a written message. Why not combine both a picture and a core message into the work of art?

Now you can easily do it. Just select an image, provide the words and choose your desired font. The app will do the rest and convert the image to text art for you.

App Features:
• Import images from the gallery or use a camera.
• Create and manage your own word lists (up to 20 words per list).
• Easily create a word list by pasting comma-separated words.
• Over 1000 fonts are available to choose from.
• Support for multiple languages (with the right font).
• Crop editor (for selecting only a portion of an image).
• Zoomable preview in a full resolution.
• Parameters for fine-tuning the result.
• Pull to re-generate typography picture should you change the parameters.
• Save or share the result (PNG file) directly from the app.
• Use your own TTF font (PRO version).

App Usage Ideas:
• Create stunning and unique pictures for your Instagram.
• Select a high-resolution image, convert it to text art, print it as wallpaper.
• If you are a fan of ASCII art generators, this one is on steroids.
• Use it to generate a word cloud which will be like no other.
• Make a perfect T-shirt design by blending the message with a picture.
• Image areas with the fully transparent background are ignored and will be left as they are, use it as a layer in Photoshop (or Gimp) to create only partial text image.