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Textozap    Productivity

Keep fixed or variable texts ready for quick delivery by messengers.
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Do you send similar texts through the messenger programs (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, SMS, etc.), frequently? So this is the right app for you!

With this application you prepare your texts, whenever you need to send one of them, just choose and send to a person or a group of one of these messenger programs. If the text is fixed, just send. If the recorded text allows the complement of variable information (substitutions), at the time of sending you can enter these variable complements.

It is very simple to indicate a field to have a variable content: just type ** where you want this option. At the time of submission, for each ** that appears in the text, a field will open to inform you the new text for that point.

Ideal for companies that provide SAC services with the use of instant messaging, professional professionals, personal trainer and any other activity that has these messaging programs as a fast communication tool.

You can create new messages at any time. The free version allows up to 5 distinct phrases at no cost. For more phrases, there is the option of acquiring a bundle of unlimited phrases, indefinitely.

Some examples of use:

- Company SAC, with the most common phrases that are used in the answers.
- Coach, to communicate with students passing orientation or events.
- Autonomous, to pass your contact information (telephone, email, address, etc.).
- Teacher, to send students information and exercises.
- Event coordinator, to guide the guests about location / date of the event.
- Individual, to give good morning to your friends.
- Message sending about working hours on holidays, bridges, special days.
- Sending message with bank data to receive payments.
- Send address to customer to withdraw material.
- Medical clinics that confirm the appointment in advance
- Many other uses!

The choice of the default messenger is made directly at the time of text sharing. Any other application that is installed on your device may be the destination of your message.

GREAT FEATURE: You can send a message by Whatsapp without pre insert a contact in your catalog. Just type the number and it will open a chat screen with your new contact.

Important: You must have the desired messenger program installed on your device. This application has not replaced the official messenger program. The names of the messengers mentioned above are owned by third parties and have no link with these companies.