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Toilet Paper - Hyper casual    Bozz Apps

Don't run out of Toilet Paper in times like these! Crazy and addictive gameplay!

Collect as much toilet paper as possible!
This modern style hypercasual about the valuable toilet paper features addictive gameplay, smart design, and lots of fun.

The goal is to reach the last roll of toilet paper. But be aware: First, you have to work your way up by continuously rolling down the precious paper.

⮞Manage your finances
⮞Keep on rolling
⮞Unlock new rolls for increased production

You earn toilet paper coins by rolling down the rolls. You can reinvest the earned coins to decrease the toilet paper's friction and the size of the papers. As the game progresses, your rolls increase in size. When upgraded to zero friction, toilet paper rolls roll when idle. Rolling a whole roll sometimes takes hours, but the pay is worth it. - Keep on rolling for endless fun in this idle game!

The more you roll the more rolls you can use, the higher the pay. Keep on earning, just like in the capitalist world. Don't forget to switch your rolls once done for a big bonus. Become the first idle toilet paper millionaire by playing all day. Be cautious, the fun of this game is addicting and will keep you hooked even when idle.

The more rolls you unlock the more you have to play! Multiple rolls can be located by tapping an holding. Switch your location from under a bridge to fun on the yacht. Just work your way up and keep on increasing idle toilet paper production. You won't regret downloading this quality game.

Toilet Paper Rolls is a fun hypercasual game - easy to learn, addictive, and fun to play. Hypercasuals are the newest trend in mobile gaming and this game is no exception. The crazy magic of toilet paper is shown uniquely. It has never been more fun and addictive to roll toilet paper. Crazy effects support this hypercasual. Vibration feedback shows your crazy pays and success.

Toilet Paper rolls just as free as any other hypercasual. There are not even in-app purchases! So much fun for free is a great gaming deal. There are no hidden fees and even the idle part is completely free.

Get rewarded for sharing Toilet Paper Rolls with your friends. Show them how much toilet paper you have in stock. The bigger the roll, the better - there is no limit. Your friends will love to see your success and you even receive some toilet paper cash for doing so. Collect as much as possible and keep on rolling!