Tool in the Cockpit
A collection of essential tools for helicopter pilots.
We take care of the admin and give you information you need.
This is a mobile application for helicopter pilots made by a commercial helicopter pilot. I've created a bunch of tools that I need and use all the time.
Some of the tools included:
1) Edit your weight and balance, sign it and email or print it in seconds.
2) See what the POH says about a warning light.
3) Check your HIGE / HOGE limits today.
4) A flight page that shows your relative wind, hover ceilings, weather, Vne and (in R22 and R44) Map limits, in flight.

As a Commercial helicopter pilot myself, I know the frustration of a passenger arriving for a flight with a bit of extra luggage, or the client asking for a last minute change to the plan. Not being sure if you can accommodate these changes can be awkward and stressful. You want to be sure you are not putting yourself in a overweight or low fuel situation. Being able to quickly update your weight and balance and check your hover ceilings is essential to a safe, stress free flight.

Preparing all the paperwork for flights can be quite a soul destroying experience. Going to a bunch of different websites to get weather, weight and balance, nav logs and printing it all can suck the joy out of flying. Having one intuitive app where you can do it all in seconds does takes care of a lot of the monotonous aspects of flying and leaves you free to enjoy the thrilling side of it.

Tool in the Cockpit has loads of great little features:
1) Pilots in counties using the metric system with know the confusion of dealing with a weight an balance in pounds, aircraft fuel gauge in US gallons, fuel truck using litres, and passengers with weight in kg. What a mess. Tool in the Cockpit shows fuel in percent, litres, US Gallons, pounds and kilograms all at once. All other weights are in pounds and kg.
2) A handy converter with most conversions a pilot will need preloaded and working offline. No more googling 109kg in pounds. It also has GPS co-ord conversion.
3) Need to quickly check a TAF or METAR. It takes seconds. You could google it and click on three links that want you to create an account and then show you a METAR from 3 days ago.... or you could use Tool in the Cockpit and it will only take you a few seconds.
4) The in flight screen shows you where your wind in coming from relative to your flight path, your crosswind and head or tail wind components, your Pressure and Density Altitude and your maximum HOGE / HIGE weight for current conditions.

In summary, our mobile app is a comprehensive and indispensable tool for helicopter pilots. It caters to your specific needs, offering a range of features that enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience in your aviation endeavours. Whether you fly an R22, R44, R66, H125, or other helicopter models, our commitment to expanding support ensures that our app remains your go-to resource. Stay ahead of the game with our warning light quick reference, weight and balance calculator, performance charts, MEL reference, weather reports, pilot-specific conversions, route calculator, and quick printing capabilities. Elevate your piloting experience with our all-in-one app, and take your helicopter operations to new heights.