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Travel Union    Finance

Mobile banking app for families who travel - Travel Union

Currently available only for members of the European Union

We are also planning to release it as an open-source project in the near future.

Before releasing Travel Union mobile banking app with e-money functionality, let's try the app by playing, hunting QR Codes, and wining valuable prizes!

For now, using the Travel Union app, you can play Digital game #TIME HUNTER.

Win valuable prizes of the week, collect #TIME on your app balance (Travel Union loyalty points), try app demo, be one of the first 5000 onboarded people, and become an exclusive customer.

Sweepstakes and contests are sponsored by the UAB Travel Union and Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner.

More information about the game:

Since provisions of mobile banking services is a complex issue and start with the identity verification at the onboarding stage, done by well known 3 party provider, by testing onboarding in our digital game #TIME HUNTER we want to be 100 % sure that all bugs and other technical issues are fixed and we are compliant and ready to start providing you mobile banking seamlessly.

Mobile banking services will be released soon, and you will be able to use the following features:

Open an account for you and a separate account for your kid just by using smartphones. Choose elegant Mastercard design from two, also funky payment cards for kids for free.

You will get a free personal account and all basic services. Download the Travel Union app and open the account from your phone with a few simple steps. There are no annual or monthly account fees. All general banking functionalities such as to receive salary, top-up or pay bills, send and receive money are free. All payments in any currency, wherever you are in the world are without additional fees. You can withdraw cash up to the limit from any ATM every month with no extra charge (see the terms of services for details).

Funky banking app and debit card for kids' aged 7 to 17

Download the Travel Union app to your kid’s phone and open a separate account just by using a smartphone. You can instantly transfer money to your kid, set up automated allowances, get real-time notifications of each child transaction, block/unblock the kid's card.

You can choose flexible parental control for each child.

Easy and fun for kids.

As a kid, you can order payment cards, personalize app design, request and receive money from parents and friends, pay, split the bill, block/unblock the payment card, monitor, and analyze spending statistics.

#TIME is a loyalty program where you earn when you spend.

- Use our services and get cashback in #TIME.

- You can merge, send, receive #TIME from your family members or friends.

- You can get a special price in #TIME for a flight or a hotel room or upgrade your travel.

- Collect a certain amount of #TIME and then you can even convert it to money.

- Relax, #TIME is non-burning, it is timeless unless you spend it with our APP.


We protect 100% of your money:

- Travel Union is holding a European EMI license, and 100% of the client's money is safeguarding according to the regulations.

- The most secure customer authorization procedure in the industry with biometric data protected asymmetric keys and secure remote password for access code.

- Online and in-store payments are protected by the highest security schemes such as 3D secure for online, and pin verification for POS card payments.

You are in control:

- LOCK or UNLOCK card on the app in a few seconds if needed.

- Easily manage payment card functions: disable cash withdrawal from ATM or Magnetic Stripe payments.

- Get instant notifications about all account actions so that everything will be traced/or/observed.

- Turn off/on internet payments, set up your transaction limits.