Taking notes watching YouTube!
【 An app dedicated to taking notes while watching YouTube! 】
Have you ever thought, "I want to take notes while watching YouTube videos"
This app allows you to take notes in real time while watching YouTube videos.

◉ How to use the app
It's very easy to use!

When you start the app, the YouTube top page will be displayed.
And you can search for the video you want to watch, play it, and take notes.

Saved memos can be viewed and edited at any time from the memo list page.

◉ Recommended for the following people
• People who are studying with YouTube videos and want to take notes on the important parts.
• People who watch cooking videos and want to write down cooking recipes and tips to look back on later.
• People who want to make their own personal notes on YouTube videos and save them.

Take notes while watching YouTube with "TubeNote" right now!