A map-based, payment-transparent dating app
TWIBS is a map-based, payment-transparent dating app. Users place pins on the map at their favorite restaurants or bars and specify who would pay for the date. For example, a user can drop a pin at their favorite sushi place and select “My Treat” as the payment option. Other users will see that pin on the map and can send a message if they’re interested in being taken out at that location.
We believe it’s possible to create a dating app that destigmatizes financial transparency and facilitates in-person meetings without forcing users to pay to send messages or see their matches. Instead, we are focused on leveraging the map interface to promote businesses and incentivize users to drop pins at certain location.
Users have also been linking their TWIBS profiles to other social media accounts. For example, some users have posted their TWIBS profile links to their Instagram bio with a description like: “Let’s go out to dinner —>”
Our mission is to create a dating app that users trust, that is not trying to exploit them for every penny they have, and that helps users more easily find the people they’re looking for. We’ve only been live for two months but our first several hundred users have responded with extremely positive feedback and are excited to be part of the next generation of dating apps.