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UnstuQ    Productivity

UnstuQ takes the emotion out of group decision-making by making it fun, fast and enjoyable
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Are you indecisive or stuck in a decision-making loop? You are in luck, get unstuck by downloading UnstuQ!

UnstuQ is the world’s first app that helps you and your friends make decisions on-the-go.
Whether it is picking where to go for dinner or deciding what to do for a date night, UnstuQ will get you and your friends unstuck!

With UnstuQ, you can match on restaurants, movies, attractions, date ideas and so much more!

How it Works
Say you want to find a place to eat:
Step 1: Send a restaurant request to your friends.
Step 2: You and your friends will each receive a list of nearby restaurants to choose from.
Step 3: Select the restaurants you like
Step 4: UnstuQ will tell you which restaurant you matched on and give you directions to the location


• Public Search: UnstuQ lets you send requests to anyone, not just those who have the UnstuQ app
• Build your Crew: For close friends and family, UnstuQ lets you create a crew to send requests directly to their phones.
• Custom Search: UnstuQ allows you to create custom requests to match on pretty-much anything
• Real-Time Notifications: UnstuQ will notify you when there is a new search request, invitation to join a crew or when there is a match
• Navigation Help: UnstuQ provides navigation to get you to the matched location so you don’t have to worry about mapping a route.
Our app has been described as “the tinder or bumble for food”! Also “like google but better!”

Whether it’s just you, you and your honey, or you and an entire group of people, UnstuQ is configured to assist with all fun, engaging, and memorable planning. Travel plan, make reservations, explore, and enjoy your personal time.

It’s all possible when you get UnstuQ.