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Board Games Companion
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The idea behind UpBoard is very simple - create Tabletop/Board Games companion app for as many games as possible and build a community of board gamers. There are many great tools for single games. UpBoard will contain tools and point counters for different games. It doesn’t matter if you are hardcore eurogames player or you only have amerigames, I hope that in the future you will find something in UpBoard that will make your life as a gamer easier or more exciting.

Tools available in UpBoard:
- KeyForge Æmber Tracker: Track Æmber, forged keys, cost of key and number of chains for one or both players for Fantasy Flight Games game developed by Richard Garfield - KeyForge: Call of Archons. The application automatically distracts a correct number of amber for Æmber pool. To play a game you will need tokens to indicated damage and captured Æmber.
- Kingdomino Points Counter: Quickly and easily recreate your Kingdomino board in UpBoard and see how many points you get in that easy to learn and fast paced game for the whole family. The application will count point in 5x5 and 7x7 size game.
- Your Town Ledger: Track all ledger pieces of information like money, relationships, popularity, month and many more from Your Town Graphic Novel Adventure. With UpBoard you will only need a map to plan your town. Other aspects of the game can be tracked in the app.

UpBoard Companion application and UpBoard Facebook Community are free of charge and you are welcome to try both of them.