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Vehicle 24x7 (Mileage Calculator)    Auto & Vehicles

⛽ Manage fuel, accident record, mileage calculator and find petrol pumps nearby

Save money on your vehicle ✌🚗💰

We help you to maintain fuel consumption, refueling, services, maintenance and other expenses (parking, fines, toll tax, registration and many more).

🚗 Refueling (fuel manager)

Keep track of fuel consumption (Refueling) is the most important part of your vehicle in terms of financial record. It will help you to calculate monthly extenses of your vehicle. Vehicle 24x7 is fuel management app for you.

🚗 Services

If you have vehicle then you may know about benefits of on time services of your vehicle, if you do ragular maintenance and services of your vehicle then your vehicle perform better and consume less fuel and save your money. But due to our busy schedule we miss or forgot our vehicle's service which causes criticle damage to our vehicle or heavy fuel consumption. But vehicle 24x7 will remind you for next service of your vehicles.

🚀 expense tracker/expense manager

We provide you solution for vehicle expenses. You can record your extra expenses of your vehicle like Toll tax, registrations, Parking, Wash, Tickets/Fines, Tuning, insurance, Tax. Vehicle 24x7 is complete vehicle expense tracker.

⛽ Daily fuel price update

Check daily updated petrol price, diesel price, CNG price, LPG price, Auto Gas price any time. fuel price india petrol diesel cng is updated daily basis and you can check city wise. currently we offer daily fuel price india, but we are expanding vehicle 24x7 to cover more big countries for daily fuel price update.

🚙 Manage vehicle

Manage your multiple vehicles in one place.

🧾 Manage record

Now it's time to manage fuel consumption record digitally. Leave your old methods to manage fuel consumption (note down in diary, send to someone on whatsapp etc.) And use new digital way to manage record and calculate mileage automatically. Maintain fuel consumption, accident record, services record and other expense record in 1 place. You can get a list of your previously added record anytime.

🎯 mileage calculator/mileage tracker

Track mileage of your vehicle anytime. Mileage will be calculated based on your fuel record. To better track your vehicle's mileage regularly add fuel record in Vehicle 24x7 app. So we can calculate mileage and notify you on home screen of Vehicle 24x7.

💰 Cost calculator

We will also show you current month's spends (including fuel cost, accident cost, services cost and other expenses cost) and compare it with previous month's spends and notify you whether your vehicle is working properly or not.

⛽ petrol pumps nearby

You can also find nearby petrol pump, gas stations, diesel pump in Vehicle 24x7 app.

⛽ Available fuel types

✔ Diesel
✔ Petrol
✔ Ethanol
✔ Electric
✔ Flex