Verbo - Word Guessing Game
This is a relaxing and addictive word / vocabulary game
VERBO means WORD in Latin!

This is a relaxing word / vocabulary game with 14 levels. Each level has a given number of words that must be guessed to win a trophy and unlock the next level.

Train your brain cells trying to guess the hidden word in 6 tries.
Each guess must be a valid English word. Tap the SUBMIT button to submit. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close you are to guessing your word.

There is Daily words and Levels modes.
For DAILY WORD a new word will be available each day! Each player gets a different and unique word.
For LEVELS, you have different levels that you can play to win trophies and unlock higher levels!
Difficulty increases with each new level making it a challenging and addictive experience!

You can also share your results with your friends and see their scores and yours on leaderboards to make it competitive.

Lovers of word games like scrabble, word puzzles, word search, semantic games, cryptogram games, Pictionary, crosswords / anagrams, wordle, etc will certainly love this game.

The levels mode has different levels to unlock and play such as:-
- Novice - 2 letter words
- Learner - 3 letter words
- Apprentice - 4 letter words
- Competent - 5 letter words
- Champion - 6 letter words
- Expert - 7 letter words
- Veteran - 8 letter words
And more levels

Verbo features:
• Daily new word to guess
• Levels to unlock and play
• Points to collect as you guess words in levels
• Share your statistics and words with friends
• High-scores with leaderboards
• Back up and restore gameplay data from other devices. Never lose your game scores
• Light and dark modes

Verbo is totally FREE to download and 100% FREE to play.