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Visual Remarks    Art_and_design

Utility to add visual remarks to images, emphasize something quickly and share

Visual Remarks app is a utility for you to add quick visual remarks on your images, and share them or save them in the blink of an eye. You can choose an image from your phone, take a new photo from a camera, or open a new blank project with a custom picture resolution of your choice. Our app allows you to insert visual remarks on top of the image: 1. Line to mark under or something in the picture. 2. Rectangle and circle to point to a certain thing in your picture. 3. Text remark with custom fabulous fonts. 4. Grid generation to add regularity to your image. 5. Simple drawing points, for messy and brief remarks. 6. Pictures inside picture (PIP), with cropping, resizing and moving, to emphasize your point even better.
All the remarks are customizable, you can change the colors, widths, sizes, opacity, places, font types, and produce fast additions to your pictures, images, and photos.
We allow saving all the remarks you made to any image, as a new project, so you be able to change and adapt your remarks in the future, without wasting your time on recreating them every time. We allow you to access the history of last remark projects you worked on, and even delete them if you are really done with them.
Our app allows you to rapidly export your remarks, at any stage, as an image of your choice (JPG, PNG, GIF), with name and quality adjustment as you wish. Or you can just save the image remarks to your local device without sharing them.
If you want to change the size of the project, you can always enter the settings, and define the exact resolution, background color and opacity, and exact position of the image you would export, as part of your composition of remarks.
Our app made for you to add your text and marks to an image, so can you share it with others or save it for future self. But Visual Remarks can be also useful even for designs of simple logos on your portable device, our icon, for example, was designed within our app itself, and we are loving it.