Easily track the water you drink daily and view all statistics.
Start using Waterly, the water drinking reminder application developed for your health, now. With its easy-to-use and modern interface, you can easily track the amount of water you drink daily and receive notifications from the application whenever you want.

If you think that you do not drink much water and you think that you do not drink enough water, you will start drinking more water with this application. Thanks to its easy use, you will want to drink water.

You can view the statistics of all the water you drink by week, month and year. You can see your average water intake and easily track the days you reach your goal.

Artificial intelligence will determine the water you need to drink daily for you.

Application Features
- Easy to use and modern interface
- Smart daily water detection by gender, height and weight.
- Artificial intelligence assisted assistant
- Tracking statistics by week, month and day
- Ability to set and follow daily goals
- Ability to turn smart notifications on or off

Download Waterly for free right now and start using it right away.